He is the managing Director the Swiss Hutter Consult GmbH, lectures at various universities and operates with his Facebook Marketing for a Blog one of the Top resources Theme Facebook, Facebook Marketing, and Social Media. Eric Kibitz is the Contention the SEO scene and has professional seo services for over 10 years with search engine optimization. He co-founded CHIP Online and led the page to success. In 2008, he has the content Manufacture GmbH was founded and has been the managing Director. By the way, he is a Speaker at various Conferences e.g. SMX Munich, operates the Blog SEO Book and published in various print and Online Magazines. Julius van de Laar is working as a campaign and strategy consultant for companies and political organizations.

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He advises in the development and implementation of strategy processes, Communication concepts and campaigns. The focus of his work is on topics such as Storytelling, Multi-Channel Communication, Customer Acquisition and mobilization, Social Media, and digital CRM strategies. In the 2008 presidential election to fight and In 2012, Julius van de Laar worked as a full-time campaigner for Barack Obama. After its election victory brought he his experience as an external consultant in German The parliamentary election in 2009. In addition to his work as a consultant, he directs local business seo the Campaigning Academy Berlin— Continuing education the Institute for strategic communication. Michael Praetorius is a man of the Media, and specialized on strategies, concepts, applications, and intermediary and investment- re content for the Web. Among his clients Publishers, television and radio stations, video-game publisher, Agencies, and authorities.

Michael Praetorius is also longtime TV and radio journalist. The Social Media Expert is personally in professional seo services charge of the YouTube channel Isarrunde, recently the channel of the re:publica cared for local business seo and continue to the YouTube channels of two Federal ministries. As the only YouTubler has Michael Prätorius a broadcasting licence for Streaming. The managing Director of the, diploma It specialist and eBusiness consultant. For over 12 years he advises companies such as Red Bull, Nokia, T-Mobile and Renault in its e-business strategy. After many years Usability in the academic and economic environment, and hands-on experience in over 500 projects for the web was created the Proft Tuning model: an orientation grid for eBusiness The decision-makers. Dr.

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Martin Schirmbacher practiced in the media and Technology specialist law firm HÄRTING Lawyers in Berlin and has been professional seo services working with many well-known Agencies and companies from the Online industry. Schirmbacher well-known speaker at a variety of Industry events such as SMX. In addition, the lawyer lectured also in the SEO, the eMetrics and the Conversion Conference. Marks Vollmert co-founder and managing Director of Luna Park. As an expert for web Analytics and Tracking integration he is in charge since 1998, customers in the area of digital Analysis. In addition to his work as a Consultant, writes Markus Vollmert guest articles in the t3n, and has to the topic Google Analytics together with his colleague Hake Luck in the book Google Analytics The comprehensive guide published. Oliver is a sought-after expert for Online Marketing, specifically SEA and has a number of since 2004, and extensive Campaigns created and optimized.

He was Head of Online Marketing in the international partner exchange-Be2 as well as head of marketing at Oliver Zenglein is Founder of the Google AdWords Agent SEM Boutique, Google Partner Academy Trainer and lecturer for SEA and Online Marketing. Nico Zorn is the co-founder and Partner at saffron management technology consultants. He was previously responsible see this for from 2004 to 2008, the Online Marketing at a medium-sized Software manufacturers in Bonn. He is one of the most in-demand E-Mail Marketing experts in the German-speaking Room. He has worked for 13 years with the Subject of E-Mail Marketing, and published since 2003 Email marketing blog. Nicole Hold, Online Marketing Manager and since the beginning of. It comes from the display area and in has large publishing houses such as Axel Springer Overlap, Bauer Publisher and Condé Nast publishing worked.